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The EU’s three main institutions, the European Commission; the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, are at the heart of the EU decision-making process and the adoption of a legislation is a complex process requiring interaction between all these actors. Since MEU simulates the whole decision-making process, it allows participants to choose from a variety of roles according to their interests and level of experience with simulations of European politics.

The Commissioners

Present your legislative proposal in front of the European Parliament and the Council! Try to pass your proposal in its original form and fight for what you believe is right for the EU! Be ready to hold your ground against the questions from the MEPs, Ministers and the Press! Did this role catch your attention?


Become an MEP for your respective country and faction, and shape the EU politics according to your position! Experience intense, interesting debates and quarles with other actors! Have your chance in the hot-seat when interviewed or quoted by the Press! Play to what you believe and leave your faction should you radically disagree with its stance! Do you see yourself as an MEP?


Fight for the interests of your country and form alliances with the Ministers of countries with a similar opinion to pass your amendments. Do not get overwhelmed by the Commission and the Parliament! Your aim is to be the big player in the game of European politics. Do you want to shuffle the cards in the EU?


Be the Big Brother of the MEU! Be the eyes and ears of the conference! Reveal the dirty secrets and conspiracies of the conference! Become famous by publishing a scandalous article! Fancy digging dirt on politicians?


Be the Big Boss of the conference and let your speech resonate in the Council and Parliament! Be the keeper of order! Do you like being an authority?

APPLICATIONS will be open soon! Check our website or social media for any updates!


BETA is established in 10 countries in Europe and has a plethora of followers on social media. Due to its status as a well branded established network, it has a large track-record of international projects.

Both BETA and MEU share the same motive: to tightly knit the Europeans together. Thus, it grants the opportunity for both participants and our partner organizations to exchange ideas and network.

If you support our cause of Europeanisation, we encourage you to join our conference team as a partner or sponsor! Build bridges with our more than 60 talented international participants and various partners. Advertise yourself through our physical and online (social) media marketing! Come to the conference and hand out leaflets and other promotional material or even have a speech in front of all of the participants! Lastly, but not leastly, become our long-term partner and help us to organize future events aimed at promotion of democratic consciousness and strengthening of civil society.

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